Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry PI Zero W

Can these maker board devices be used to create a modern portable handheld PDA which uses a stylus.

The left images show a Windows 10  MOMO7W 7” screen tablet an HTC P6500 Mantle PDA phone running Windows Mobile 6.1 OS. The tablet and PDA are connected by Bluetooth using Widows Mobile Device Centre (Active Sync). A program “My Mobiler” running on the tablet is showing the active screen of the PDA. Currently displayed on the PDA. The PDA screen is showing an Excel Spread Sheet with added data. The above Photo was taken in a Whetherspoon’s venue with a Galaxy Fame mobile phone.

The 7” MOMO7W tablet unfortunately died on me and I have replaced it with an 8” Viglen Connect Windows 10 Tablet bought on Ebay from the Tesco Outlet for £40. The Viglen Connect is a better tablet designed for Windows 10 with a 32G drive ‘C’.

Both the 7” and 8” tablets will fit comfortably into a Jacket Pocket.

For my comparisons between the MOMO7W and the Viglen Connect here.   

With the My Mobiler software’s clipboard sharing feature the data from PDA can be put into Serif Page Plus Desk Top Publisher tables which have spread sheet capability.

Moving text from table to table in Serif Page Plus is not always best done with the clipboards copy and paste feature. Font and text size is also copied over which is not always wanted. With tables having a spread sheet capability copying cell data from one table will copy over the formula and not the display the calculated value which could be wanted. To copy a wanted calculated displayed value from one table cell to another  cell in another table, hand typing would be necessary. Free AutoHotkey software can be installed which has script that will send text on the clipboard as if typed in.

StringReplace, clipboard, clipboard, `r`n,, All
StringLeft, clipboard, clipboard, 100
Send %Clipboard%

The above script when run, by pressing the keyboards “F7” function key text up to 100 characters will be inserted from the keyboard as if  typed in.

Warning a restriction on the length of string data should be put into the script. Accidentally sending a large of amount of data from the clipboard to whatever open application could crash the computer.

Portable Mobile Computing Devices

Using portable mobile devices is for most users probably for entertainment but a serious use can be for preparing and adding data for the more mundane and tedious work that is needed to be done. Being able to put data to an electronic format in the spare moments of the day can reduce the amount of time being tied to a stationary computer at home or in the work place. Handheld and other portable computers allow this to happen when they can interact and have the means to share information with other PCs.

I use the a hand held Windows Mobile 6.1 to enter data into the Excel spread sheet. With my own programming I calculate via the clipboard with the data typed in one cell to provide further information for two more spread sheet cells. When Completed this data will be transferred to spread sheets in Serif Page Plus’s desk top publisher using clipboard sharing .

Handheld To Tablet

The handheld PDA enables me to be able to enter data in what can be cramped conditions. In more relaxed conditions where I have been able to set  up a Windows 10 OS seven or eight inch screen tablet on a table I only need to finger type in the log in details. This is on a large Android type of on screen keyboard. Once the bluetooth mouse has connected it’s pointer can be used . I prefer to use more comfortable text input by using a bluetooth keyboard. Data can then be transferred from the handheld PDA to the Windows 10 tablet.  

The open applications shown on the Windows 10 Tablet.

From the right:-

1) My Mobiler screen showing the HTC hand held phone screen.

2) Serif Page Plus 5 desk top publisher open on the tablet desk top.

3) Windows Mobile Device Centre installing on the tablet.


Windows camera application

displaying Video recording of the HTC Mantle Phone. (Not normally used)

My Mobile Portable Computer Devices

My HTC P6500 Mantle PDA which uses a stylus or any other pointed object for the touch screen enables text from it’s on screen keyboard to be placed in word, spread sheets and other program text boxes with comfortable precision. I can’t do this on an Android Phone’s small screen which uses finger touch typing.

When data is ready to transfer to a PC running Windows Active Sync for Bluetooth is run on the PDA. This automatically starts the Windows Device Manager on a Windows 7,8 or 10 PC. My Mobiler software then needs to be run on the PC.  

Site Under Development

Transferring Data via Active Sync and Windows Mobile Device Centre

This page does not discuss popular social media or entertainment applications. What is shown is how I use computer devices and software for serious work. Serious work for other people could need the use of other software but Spread sheet and word are common utilities and, a desk top publishing software with spread sheet features is useful for many publications.   

Software Used For the set up and use for the computer devices shown in the above picture.


HDMI 5 inch Monitor

See This Page

Making video clips for web viewing is not one of my strengths.

A poor MP4 movie showing the use of a stylus to enter text, copy text from a spread sheet cell and then paste that text into text box in another application for processing  can be downloaded here.

Note: This site is a personnel on going blog for creating a Windows 10 handheld PDA from a PC stick and a five inch HDMI screen. It’s construct is that of using the web space to assemble items,ideas, a record of the development and issues for creating the device as and when. It is not intended for public viewing but its link will be shared by the author with others for help and advice to and from other interested parties. The site will not be in a refined state.

For a Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC

Widows Mobile Device Centre on the Windows Tablet.

MyMobiler For Displaying the handheld HTC screen on the Windows
Desktop and for clipboard sharing between the PDA and Windows Pcs

Serif Page Plus X5 Desk Top Publisher is used on the Windows PC and is open and shown displayed on the Tablet.

AutoHotKey software features for the Serif DTP are also needed.

For the HTC handheld.

Active Sync on the HTC

MMTaskManager on the HTC allows Moving from one open application to another.

My own programming written for the HTC is used.

Excell Mobile Spread Sheet  

My Movie.mp4

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Page 1 Current Development Intoduction
Hard Ware
Using A Stylus
old Development
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Building Resistive Touch Screens
Creating a Stylus Touch Screen