Building the Penmount resistive touch screen controller onto the back of a 5” Hdmi Screen
Boxing it up in something

My Own Build

Not very pretty but it works and does what I need it to

Touch Functions should be:

1 Touch = equivalent to  Left Mouce Click

2 Long Press = equivalent to Right Mouse Button Click

3 When the windows screen is rotated landscape to portrait and vice versa touch activity should remain under the stylus and move as expected.

4 Stylus press and hold for dragging windows and icons around the screen should be availble.

5 The equivalent to Right Mouse Button Click SHOULD NOT be activated while dragging.

The HDMI screens I use are from Ebay or AliExpress and marketed towards Raspberry PI consumers. They come with a touch panel built on and a touch controller built in.

I had not found any any these that would work with a Windows 10. Some came close but not to fill all of the touch functions given above. Adding and using a Penmount touch controller does make those functions available.

Now found Waveshare “5inch HDMI LCD (B)” scroll down page.

HDMI Socket

Micro USB socket
for Power Only

Micro USB
For PenmoutTouch Controller

PenMount PM6300A-8 Controller

Top: The Hdmi Screen Cased with PC Stick, Battery Pack and Windows 10 Being Displayed.

Above to the Left: The screen in the case with the lid removed.

Above: Two pictures showing the underside of the screen with the PenMount PM6300A-8 Controller fixed in place.

The tallest component from the boards surface is the HDMI connector 6mm.

On the under side of the Penmount Controller surplus pin length above solder fixings were cut and where safe from components and tracking holes were drilled into the under side of the screen board to set the controller to sit flat on the monitor board.

This kept all protrusions above the under side surface blow 6mm

Blow: From the underside of the controller board’s surface to the top of the controller board’s connectors is 6mm. But the soldered connecter pins will make it taller.

Waveshare “5inch HDMI LCD (B)

If only someone could have told me all that work above, the innovation and the planning is not necessary for a 5” Windows 10 screen display with stylus touch. The Waveshare “5inch HDMI LCD (B)” comes with a built on touch panel and a built in touch controller. To my surprise out of the box with a “Stick PC” connected and powered up a cursor was shown on the screen at boot up. An external mouse was needed temporally to go into the Windows Control Panel and use the touch calibration program. This is not true for other WaveShare screens. There are references to installing touch for Raspberry PI Linux computers but touch if available for a Microsoft Windows PC did not fill all the 5 Functions for it to be of any practical use.
Utube How To Do Calibration for Windows Video

Once calibrated the built in touch controller cursor  would move and activate small software menu buttons easily in just the same way it works with Penmount and Micro Chip AR1100 controllers I use.

If you have Windows Stick PC and get this screen test it for yourselves. Se pictures below.

What I’m looking for now is 7 inch in with a built controller that works the same way.


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